Tobi Ogunleye_KFCoins

Azerbaijani Artifacts: Coins

Azerbaijan Artifacts is an online (virtual) exhibition that depicts and explains aspects of Azerbaijani culture using artifacts (“objects”) as its basis. The coins section of the exhibition was designed, prepared, and produced in conjunction with the Karabakh Foundation using Foundation archival materials as well as images of materials from other trusted resources. The exhibition includes scans of visuals, interpretive labeling and text.

The feeling of reading a book was the driving concept behind the design of the exhibition’s interface. The design incorporates interactive elements, allowing the user to see both sides of the coin with half the space. The web version features a header and footer, meant to guide the reader through the exhibit as well as link to external resources.

The exhibit is also translated to a print version, incorporating coins, maps, and photographs in both the design and content.

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