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Tobi Ogunleye_Monastery

St. Benedict’s Monastery

Saint Benedict’s Monaster in Bucks County, PA is an entry into the 112th John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture. The concept of the design is derived from Saint Benedict’s doctrine that highlighted the importance of Lectio Devina| Holy Reading, Prex Precis|Prayer, and Opus|Work. This is evident in the simple layout of the programmatic elements. The connected components of the plan form an exterior border, allowing the monks to focus inward on the […]

Tobi Ogunleye_live work

Live Work

Live Work is an exercise in the different avenues of exploration that can be used to arrive at an idea. Through sketching, collaging, painting, diagramming and model making, a conceptual live work space was developed.

Sauna Pavilion: Visualization

A visualization project for the Sauna Pavilion by Artifact Design & Construction, located in the Berkshire Mountains.  Located toward the end of a meadow overlooking a pond, this 600 sq foot sauna house uses materiality to delineate program pieces. The main materials include copper, timber framing and cedar siding for the sauna. The copper cladding […]