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Tobi Ogunleye_live work

Live Work

Live Work is an exercise in the different avenues of exploration that can be used to arrive at an idea. Through sketching, collaging, painting, diagramming and model making, a conceptual live work space was developed.

Sauna Pavilion: Visualization

A visualization project for the Sauna Pavilion by Artifact Design & Construction, located in the Berkshire Mountains.  Located toward the end of a meadow overlooking a pond, this 600 sq foot sauna house uses materiality to delineate program pieces. The main materials include copper, timber framing and cedar siding for the sauna. The copper cladding […]

Tobi Ogunleye_LUNCHBOX

LUNCHBOX: An Urban Kitchen

Located at the intersection of E. river drive and Midvale Avenue along the scenic Kelly Drive is ‘LUNCHBOX’. An urban kitchen that is intended to extend the pedestrian activity that exists in the East falls neighborhood into Kelly Drive, LUNCHBOX is modeled after the concept of a produce stand, with operability that enforces the casual […]

Mt. Airy Center For Dance

Dance and architecture share a similar necessity: space; both the dancing body and architecture manipulate space for movement. For this reason, dance informs the architecture of the Mt. Airy center for Dance. The project is located in the Mt. Airy community in Philadelphia on a site with an existing barn ruin. The concept translates to […]


Illumina is an investigation in light and space concentrating on controlling diffused light. The materials used to construct the light fixture includes plywood, acrylic tubing, basswood dowel, mylar and a light cord kit.

Elevated| Inhabitable Bridge

An extension of the historic Reading viaduct, ELEVATED is a living bridge connecting the rising loft district with Center city Philadelphia. ELEVATED begins 20 feet above street level spans over 300 feet, and lands after Vine Street behind the Pennsylvania Convention Center. ELEVATED was designed to encourage direct pedestrian traffic in both directions, prompting the creation of a prominent […]