Tobi Ogunleye_clinton

Clinton Presidential Library | Diagramming

An important part of architecture is precedent research. In order to truly understand a building, you have to do the drawings and create a model. In this one week project, the objective was to understand the systems that were involved in the Clinton Presidential Library, a project by Polshek Partners located in Little Rock, AR. The diagramming was conducted through the use of a Revit model I created.

More on the Clinton Presidential Library:

Library Website

Polshek Partners (now Ennead) Website

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Tobi Ogunleye_Monastery

St. Benedict’s Monastery

Saint Benedict’s Monaster in Bucks County, PA is an entry into the 112th John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture. The concept of the design is derived from Saint Benedict’s doctrine that highlighted the importance of Lectio Devina| Holy Reading, Prex Precis|Prayer, and Opus|Work. This is evident in the simple layout of the programmatic elements. The connected components of the plan form an exterior border, allowing the monks to focus inward on the sacred church.


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